Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Phoenix Fusion Series is coming!

California Chili Fries
I'm so grateful to everyone for all your love and support along my foodie journey.  I certainly wouldn't keep blogging, making videos, news and contest appearances if it weren't for everyone sending me all your digital love!

I've been working on a few ideas for a long time, and I'm finally just going to jump into the void and do it.  I'm so excited to say that Phoenix Fusion and Phoenix Fusion: Side Notes are coming to your digital screen!

Phoenix Fusion will be a destination show that will feature some of my favorite locations in the Southwestern United States.  I'll be visiting landmarks, restaurants, historical sites and good friends, using all of them as kitchen inspiration.  We'll go back into the kitchen and create an edible version of my memories with food that's easy, healthy (most of the time), delicious and FUN! 

Phoenix Fusion: Side Notes will be especially geared toward side dishes.  People are always telling me that side dishes are their biggest challenge in the kitchen.  Which pastas pair with which meats?  What's a great gluten-free side dish to go with chicken?  How do I make my sweet potato casserole stand out over my Aunt Betty's green bean casserole at Thanksgiving?!

We're going to do it all, from my home, from all over the Southwest, and we're starting NEXT WEEK WITH THE GRAND CANYON!  Please join me on my foodie journey, right here on Hoop's Happs.

Here's a trailer video to get your mouth watering!

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