Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THE SPOT Hits The Spot!

Bartender Mario Delgado has been at The Spot for over 14 years

Bodhi and me at La Jolla Shores
On any given day, my favorite thing in La Jolla, California is obviously the sea.   Ocean waves are gentle and perfect for surfers of all skill levels.  The sun beams beautifully across the sandy beaches and warms the sea lions roosting on the cliffs.  Scuba divers, kayak crews (that’s where you’ll find me), and swimmers galore flock to the shores of La Jolla Cove for unlimited outdoor and underwater adventures.

A block in from the water is the famous village of downtown La Jolla and the even more famous Prospect Place.  It’s an avenue strewn with romantic old-world hotels, upscale art galleries and high-end retail boutiques.  And when all that sight-seeing and shopping makes me hungry, this neighborhood, one of the oldest in San Diego, has no shortage of gourmet restaurants.   But the place that draws me in again and again, doesn’t require my Sunday best.  The waiters aren’t in tuxedos and white gloves and the dishes aren’t petite and pricey.  The Spot has incredible food, an “at home” atmosphere and friendly prices. I’ve walked in many times fresh off the beach with sand between my toes and been welcomed as if I were part of the family.

Original restaurant circa 1900
The building that houses The Spot has been standing since the early 1900s.  Owner Ryan Tondro keeps antique photos on the walls of the original building and restaurant with patrons outside literally parking their horses!

The restaurant “The Spot” first opened in Evanston, Illinois, and relocated to the sunny shores of San Diego in the 70's, bringing along its signature Chicago style pizza. Since then it's become a favorite for lobsters, burgers, ribs and more.  It also offers child-friendly choices, including Kraft Macaroni N Cheese!

Half-Pound Garbage Burger
Their half-pound garbage burger is incredible and I’ve developed a regular craving for their French fries.  They’re dipped in a special coating that’s made of potatoes, so they’re extra crispy and super flavorful.  They’re basically French fries dipped in French fries.  YUM!

Lobster Special
The lobster special is unbeatable.  Early October marks the beginning of lobster season in San Diego and many of the city’s local restaurants are quick to offer up lobster dishes and specials.  The Spot has gone above and beyond by offering a lobster special EVERY day.  You’ll get a salad, over a pound of lobster, veggies, a baked potato and dessert for only $24.95.  It’s delicious every time and there’s no need for seasonal lobster.  The Spot’s lobsters are flown in from Maine every day.

The Spot's functioning fireplace adds to the cozy atmosphere
I’m always thankful for the great food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere that The Spot provides.  It’s a cozy and comfy restaurant in a hoity-toity neighborhood, and I know that I can always find just the right dish at just the right price that will “hit” the spot! 

The Spot
1005 Prospect Place
La Jolla, CA  92037
(858) 459-0800

Mon-Wed 11 am - 1 am
Thu-Sun 11 am - 2 am


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