Friday, May 30, 2014

On The Road To WFC: Veggie Bacon Wrapped White Lasagna Rolls

Veggie Bacon Wrapped White Lasagna Rolls
It is cooking competition season in full swing!  I'm doing my absolute best to stay focused on keeping some kind of healthy element into EVERY dish I submit to a contest this year.  I REALLY feel like healthy cooking and healthy lifestyles are where cooking and food are trending, and I'm really excited to be a part of that.

I have to say, The World Food Championships have changed EVERYTHING in the ways of cooking competition.  I'm part of a very large network of home cooks that literally spend thousands of dollars every year, hoping to win big at one of our yearly events.  We've all hoped for a spot in the Pillsbury Bake-Off, the Dole California Cookoff, and countless others I could spend all day naming.  But two years ago, a big show popped up in Vegas that got all of us hooked.

2013 Bacon Championship competitors
(from left to right): Laurie Lufkin, Ronna Farley,
Tamie Keton Joeckel, Heather Walker, and Valonda Seward
The World Food Championships blends all the talents of professional chefs, BBQ and restaurant teams, home cooks, and even hacks like me.  It has now grown into major brand sponsorships, HUGE cash prizes and a reality show (set to air July 10 on the FYI Network).  It's the Super Bowl of food, my friends. I like to call it the "foodie prom."  Everyone has to qualify (just like you have to get tickets and a date for the prom), everyone has to travel (get your limo and hotel room), there are lots of decisions to make (recipes and prom dresses) and if you're lucky, you just might go home a winner (the prom king and queen)!

All kidding aside, this competition is SERIOUS BUSINESS. The stakes are high, the expectations are higher, and the level of competition is by far the highest anyone will ever see.  So, needless to say, I've got my pantry stocked, my oven heated and my thinking cap on.  I'm prepared for the qualification battle and the game is on.

I'll be blogging my journey this year and keeping tabs on all the "hot foodies" who qualify to compete.  You can check out all the qualifying events at:
Veggie Bacon Wrapped
White Lasagna Rolls

The easiest way to qualify is to send in a recipe at where they're currently accepting BACON recipes!!!!  Submit your best recipe that features bacon, share it on social media through their links and you might just get a GOLDEN TICKET!

Today I'm sharing my bacon entry.  It's a gluten-free, vegetarian dish using VEGGIE BACON!  Check out the official entry and full recipe here:

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