Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paula Deen Cookware Review!

Ok, so yesterday I just received my brand new Paua Deen Spring Form Cake Pan!  I can't wait to make a Philly Cheesecake with it!  Tomorrow, I'll be video taping it from my MOMMY'S kitchen!  Perhaps I can get her to make an appearance since she has inspired me for so many years.  Until then, here's a HOOPING VIDEO for you!  I were beginning to wonder what Hoopfinity meant, and if you did, you were wondering if I could actually HOOP DANCE!


  1. Loved your video. You are so tallented.
    I can do that too I think, of course not with a hoop, but maybe the dancing part :)

  2. Oh Wow oh Wow Hoop! You live up to your name, that is for sure! That was awesome!!!

  3. Wow Hoop that is some talent my goodness I probably would hurt myself trying that LOL